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The Ultimate Destination for Beauty & Lifestyle Professionals

Why CapeLuxe?

At CapeLuxe, you can rent a semi-furnished and fully equipped salon suite that suits your style and budget. You can set your own hours, prices, and services and establish your own brand!

Find out how you can enjoy the perks of being part of a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for beauty.

If you have your own clientele, please click here.

Be your own boss

Choose your own hours and prices, and offer the services that suit your skills and passion.

Grow and earn

Take advantage of the reputation and location of CapeLuxe to attract customers and boost your income.

Enjoy Various Perks

Don't worry about the hassle of maintaining your salon space, as CapeLuxe provides you with all your essentials.

Express Your Style

Personalize your salon space to reflect your style and personality, and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your clients.

Now is the time for you to take full advantage of the wonderful opportunity provided to you by the CapeLuxe family of private beauty suites.

We provide you with high end chairs and wash basins, a wall mounted storage cabinet and mirror and more importantly the pride, self-respect and profits that come with ownership. Your suite is move in ready DAY ONE! We also include a friendly front desk concierge to offer your guests various beverages, a smooth cappuccino or even a light pastry while they wait. All included in your rent! That’s right, rents are all inclusive. Laundry on site for you to use at your pleasure and a beautiful break room for those quick bites between clients. No hidden fees or charges. We even provide a state-of-the-art point of sale system so you can charge your clients day one at no additional cost to you!

We have multiple suite sizes to match any budget. You choose. If you grow, we can help you grow. Our desire is to help you succeed and we will partner with you all the way!

You now have an opportunity to become your OWN boss and charge what you like, sell what you want, keeping all the profits for yourself, not having to “share” with anyone any longer!

Speaking of sharing, you can even partner with a friend if that is your desire and split the rent. We are here to help you become self-employed and successful without the typical huge entry costs of starting a full salon.

Your clients will love your new space. Decorate any way you like. Imagine the reaction your clientele will have when you invite them to a private, safe location with no load shedding, providing them with a serene atmosphere that you alone create. Make the space your own…
It’s very simple:

That’s it…nothing more to it.

Pay today, start tomorrow.
Now is the time to change your life for good…be your own boss and blaze your own trail.
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Our Entrepreneurs

We are proud to host a diverse and talented group of salon professionals who have chosen to pursue their passion and run their own businesses. They offer a wide range of services, from hair styling and colouring, to nail art and manicures, to massage and skincare, and more.

Here are some of our qualified salon professionals :

CapeLuxe Executive Salon Suites

Start Your Own Salon and Brand For Under 10,000 Rand TODAY

CapeLuxe Executive Salon Suites

Start Your Own Salon and Brand For Under 10,000 Rand TODAY